Pre-Home Sale Inspection

Selling a home can be overwhelming as there is a lot of pressure to have the house in tip top shape for a future home buyer. When a prospective buyer is interested in purchasing a home, a home inspection is required before agreeing to the mortgage. It is beneficial for a home seller to have a pre-sale home inspection to address problems before putting it on the market. In return, the inspection will give the buyer confidence that the home is in good condition and improve the chances of a sale.

Home inspections usually take a few hours to examine the house from the ground up. Our board certified home inspectors observe: plumbing, heating, electrical, foundation, basement, doors, windows and much more. If any items arise in the San Antonio home inspection, the seller can take care of the issues or adjust the asking price to show the estimated cost of repairs. Making a first impression on home buyers is huge so it is recommended that sellers fix even the minor items.

Take care of the home issues before they prevent you from negotiating a deal. Call us now and make your appointment for a home inspection in San Antonio!



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