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Buying a new home can be exciting, but at the same time, it can be overwhelming as well. It is one of the biggest investments that you are going to make in your lifetime, and of course, you expect the best value for your money. Unfortunately, if you rely solely on your real estate agent, friends or family for advise, no matter how well intentioned chances, you can end up buying a home that has some major structural or mechanical flaws, that an untrained eye would easily miss. Instead of chancing on such a major investment as this, have a professional San Antonio home inspection which will more accurately evaluate, identify and report to you the condition of structural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems.

If you are accumulating a loan to buy your home or property, most banks and lending companies will recommend a San Antonio home inspection. So lending institutions will even require one before granting approval for a mortgage loan. So, your best choice happens to be the hiring of a trusted and licensed home inspector who will thoroughly inspect the home and identify problem-areas. This insures the buyer knowledge to make a more informed buying decision. Undoubtedly, this ensures a great value for your money.

Tex-Spect is a trusted company that is licensed under the state authority, with 25 years of experience in the industry. With a team of highly talented and experienced home inspectors, we offer comprehensive inspection services to deliver a great value to both the buyer and the seller. Identifying the damage areas through an inspection will give an opportunity to the owner to fix the issues, thus, improving the value of the property. A home inspection is beneficial for both the home buyer and seller.

Our Services

Tex-Spect offers comprehensive and reliable San Antonio home inspection services, thoroughly inspecting every element of the property to identify the problem areas. No house is flawless, and you have to accept this fact. With inspections, you can fix the quirks or damages which will increase the value of your property. It also ensures a great value for money to the home buyers and sellers.

Our Home process involves a thorough inspection of all of the following:

  • Pier and beam
  • Slab inspections
  • Hot tubs
  • Complete phase
  • Pre-drywall inspection
  • Detached buildings
  • Sprinkler system
  • Pools
  • Duplexes
  • Hot tubs
  • Termite/WDI inspection
  • Termite treatment

Our team also provides:

  • General real estate inspections
  • Commercial structure inspection
  • Expert witness services for home inspection San Antonio
  • Apartment complex inspections
  • Litigation consultation

Most Competitive Prices

Tex-Spect offers the most competitive prices for a reliable and comprehensive home inspection San Antonio. To talk to our experts today, call us at 210-663-3602 or you can also visit our office at:

4615 Tamaron Ranch,

San Antonio, TX 78253

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